Все настройки cgminer 3.7.2

(далее длинная портянка на английском)

C:\Windows\system32>d:\_Miners\cgminer-3.7.2-windows\cgminer.exe -help

cgminer 3.7.2

Built with avalon bflsc bitforce bitfury GPU icarus klondike modminer scrypt mining support.

Usage: cgminer.exe [-DdGEgIKklpPQqUsTouvwOchnV]


Options for both config file and command line:

–api-allow <arg> Allow API access only to the given list of [G:]IP[/Prefix] addresses[/subnets]

–api-description <arg> Description placed in the API status header, default: cgminer version

–api-groups <arg> API one letter groups G:cmd:cmd[,P:cmd:*…] defining the cmds a groups can use

–api-listen Enable API, default: disabled

–api-mcast Enable API Multicast listener, default: disabled

–api-mcast-addr <arg> API Multicast listen address

–api-mcast-code <arg> Code expected in the API Multicast message, don’t use ‘-‘


–api-mcast-des <arg> Description appended to the API Multicast reply, default:”

–api-mcast-port <arg> API Multicast listen port (default: 4028)

–api-network Allow API (if enabled) to listen on/for any address, default: only

–api-port <arg> Port number of miner API (default: 4028)

–auto-fan Automatically adjust all GPU fan speeds to maintain a target temperature

–auto-gpu Automatically adjust all GPU engine clock speeds to maintain a target temperature

–balance Change multipool strategy from failover to even share balance

–benchmark Run cgminer in benchmark mode – produces no shares

–bfl-range Use nonce range on bitforce devices if supported

–bflsc-overheat <arg> Set overheat temperature where BFLSC devices throttle, 0 to disable (default: 90)

–compact Use compact display without per device statistics

–debug|-D Enable debug output

–device|-d <arg> Select device to use, one value, range and/or comma separated (e.g. 0-2,4) default: all

–disable-gpu|-G Disable GPU mining even if suitable devices exist

–disable-rejecting Automatically disable pools that continually reject shares

–expiry|-E <arg> Upper bound on how many seconds after getting work we consider a share from it stale (default: 120)

–failover-only Don’t leak work to backup pools when primary pool is lagging


–fix-protocol Do not redirect to a different getwork protocol (eg. stratum)

–gpu-dyninterval <arg> Set the refresh interval in ms for GPUs using dynamic intensity (default: 7)

–gpu-platform <arg> Select OpenCL platform ID to use for GPU mining (default: -1)

–gpu-threads|-g <arg> Number of threads per GPU (1 – 10) (default: -1)

–gpu-engine <arg> GPU engine (over)clock range in Mhz – one value, range and/or comma separated list (e.g. 850-900,900,750-850)

–gpu-fan <arg> GPU fan percentage range – one value, range and/or comma separated list (e.g. 0-85,85,65)

–gpu-map <arg> Map OpenCL to ADL device order manually, paired CSV (e.g. 1:0,2:1 maps OpenCL 1 to ADL 0, 2 to 1)

–gpu-memclock <arg> Set the GPU memory (over)clock in Mhz – one value for all or separate by commas for per card

–gpu-memdiff <arg> Set a fixed difference in clock speed between the GPU and memory in auto-gpu mode

–gpu-powertune <arg> Set the GPU powertune percentage – one value for all or separate by commas for per card

–gpu-reorder Attempt to reorder GPU devices according to PCI Bus ID

–gpu-vddc <arg> Set the GPU voltage in Volts – one value for all or separate by commas for per card

–lookup-gap <arg> Set GPU lookup gap for scrypt mining, comma separated

–intensity|-I <arg> Intensity of GPU scanning (d or -10 -> 20,default: d to maintain desktop interactivity)

–hotplug <arg> Seconds between hotplug checks (0 means never check)

–kernel-path|-K <arg> Specify a path to where bitstream and kernel files are (default: “/usr/local/bin”)

–kernel|-k <arg> Override sha256 kernel to use (diablo, poclbm, phatk or diakgcn) – one value or comma separated

–avalon-auto Adjust avalon overclock frequency dynamically for best hashrate

–avalon-cutoff <arg> Set avalon overheat cut off temperature (default: 60)

–avalon-fan <arg> Set fanspeed percentage for avalon, single value or range (d

efault: 20-100)

–avalon-freq <arg> Set frequency range for avalon-auto, single value or range

–avalon-options <arg> Set avalon options baud:miners:asic:timeout:freq

–avalon-temp <arg> Set avalon target temperature (default: 50)

–bitburner-voltage <arg> Set BitBurner (Avalon) core voltage, in millivolts

–bitburner-fury-voltage <arg> Set BitBurner Fury core voltage, in millivolts

–bitburner-fury-options <arg> Override avalon-options for BitBurner Fury boards baud:miners:asic:timeout:freq

–klondike-options <arg> Set klondike options clock:temptarget

–load-balance Change multipool strategy from failover to quota based balance

–log|-l <arg> Interval in seconds between log output (default: 5)

–lowmem Minimise caching of shares for low memory applications

–net-delay Impose small delays in networking to not overload slow routers

–no-adl Disable the ATI display library used for monitoring and setting GPU parameters

–no-restart Do not attempt to restart GPUs that hang

–no-submit-stale Don’t submit shares if they are detected as stale

–pass|-p <arg> Password for bitcoin JSON-RPC server

–per-device-stats Force verbose mode and output per-device statistics

–protocol-dump|-P Verbose dump of protocol-level activities

–queue|-Q <arg> Minimum number of work items to have queued (0+) (default: 1)

–quiet|-q Disable logging output, display status and errors

–quota|-U <arg> quota;URL combination for server with load-balance strategyquotas

–real-quiet Disable all output

–remove-disabled Remove disabled devices entirely, as if they didn’t exist

–rotate <arg> Change multipool strategy from failover to regularly rotateat N minutes (default: 0)

–round-robin Change multipool strategy from failover to round robin on failure

–scan-time|-s <arg> Upper bound on time spent scanning current work, in seconds (default: -1)

–sched-start <arg> Set a time of day in HH:MM to start mining (a once off without a stop time)

–sched-stop <arg> Set a time of day in HH:MM to stop mining (will quit without a start time)

–scrypt Use the scrypt algorithm for mining (litecoin only)

–shaders <arg> GPU shaders per card for tuning scrypt, comma separated

–sharelog <arg> Append share log to file

–shares <arg> Quit after mining N shares (default: unlimited)

–socks-proxy <arg> Set socks4 proxy (host:port)

–temp-cutoff <arg> Temperature where a device will be automatically disabled, one value or comma separated list (default: 95)

–temp-hysteresis <arg> Set how much the temperature can fluctuate outside limits when automanaging speeds (default: 3)

–temp-overheat <arg> Overheat temperature when automatically managing fan and GPU speeds, one value or comma separated list (default: 85)

–temp-target <arg> Target temperature when automatically managing fan and GPU speeds, one value or comma separated list (default: 75)

–text-only|-T Disable ncurses formatted screen output

–thread-concurrency <arg> Set GPU thread concurrency for scrypt mining, comma separated

–url|-o <arg> URL for bitcoin JSON-RPC server

–user|-u <arg> Username for bitcoin JSON-RPC server

–usb <arg> USB device selection

–vectors|-v <arg> Override detected optimal vector (1, 2 or 4) – one value orcomma separated list

–verbose Log verbose output to stderr as well as status output

–worksize|-w <arg> Override detected optimal worksize – one value or comma separated list

–userpass|-O <arg> Username:Password pair for bitcoin JSON-RPC server

–worktime Display extra work time debug information


Options for command line only:

–config|-c <arg> Load a JSON-format configuration fileSee example.conf for an example configuration.

–default-config <arg> Specify the filename of the default config file Loaded at start and used when saving without a name.

–help|-h Print this message

–ndevs|-n Display number of detected GPUs, OpenCL platform information, all USB devices, and exit

–version|-V Display version and exit


тут https://forum.btcsec.com/uploads/monthly_04_2013/post-241-0-13286700-1365457128_thumb.png перевели на русский


В окне встречаются непонятные буквы:

А – принятые шары,

R – непринятые шары

HW – ошибки железа

U – вроде бы среднее значение принятых пулом шар в минуту (к слову данный параметр на майне лайтов почему-то нелинейно зависит от хешей при разных значениях TC)

WU = work utility = количество отправленных шар * сложность шар которые принимает пул / минуту (в общем если на пуле выставлена сложность шар 4, то WU = U*4, то есть это тоже самое только что и U, только в шарах сложности 1)

ST is STaged work items (без понятия )

SS = Stales Shares , количество опаздавших шар

NB = New Block, количество новых блоков со времени запуска майнера

LW is Locally generated Work items, LW это сколько заданий cgminer сгенерировал сам, а не получил с сервера

GF is Getwork Fail Occasions (server slow to provide work) (ошибки, из за того что сервер не предоставил новое задание)

RF is Remote Fail occasions (server slow to accept work) (ошибки, из за того что сервер не принял решение)




Не получается запустить CGminer c конфиг файлом, но при этом работает через батник, что делать?


1. Запускаете свой батник, майнинг в работе.

2. В окне майнера жмем S->W, пишем имя: name.conf ->жмем enter -> Q.(между нажатиями делаем паузу 1-3сек)

3. В корне папки с майнером появляется файл name.conf – это и есть рабочий файл с конфигом.

4. Создаем ярлык: ПКМ по cgminer.exe->создать ярлык.

5. ПКМ по созданному ярлыку-> Свойства. В строке обьект будет указан путь к Вашему ярлыку, в конце его нужно через пробел дописать следующее:

-c name.conf -> применить.


В конечном итоге выглядит это примерно так: \cgminer-2.11.3-win32\cgminer-2.11.3-win32\cgminer.exe -c my.conf

Дальше запускаете свой ярлык и вуаля, майнер запускается уже с настройками в конфиге.

Плюс можно править файл конфига через блокнот.



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